Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Valley Escalante

"Valley Escalante", 10 x 12 In, Oil on Panel
This is my last painting from the Utah series, at least for now. Meanwhile I'm looking around my studio at all my mugs, bowls, pitchers, bottles and fake flowers and putting myself into the still life mode. I pulled from my bookshelf one of my favorite books related to still life--the one about Giorgio Morandi. The other one I'm still looking for is a beautiful little book titled the The Last Flowers of Manet.

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  1. I like this painting and your limited brush strokes. It really comes alive.

    Looking forward to seeing your still lifes!

  2. I followed your link to Giorgio Morandi, and I was transfixed. I hadn't known about him before, thank you, thank you!

  3. Fabulous Kathryn, has a real Edgar Payne feel to it.

  4. I really like it - palette and marks, everything. I like the other "quick" one too - the windy cove.

  5. I should have typed "another" rather than "the other". I meant a Zangle Cove one: the dark one in portrait format. That probably confuses the issue even more!

    Having spent an enjoyable 2-3 hours perusing Kathryn's oeuvre, there are 7 that I covet! Heh. Love the palette and marks.