Friday, May 13, 2011

Morocco Walls

"Morocco Walls", 9 x 12", Oil on Museum Board
This painting was primarily about experimenting with design. Because it was difficult to photograph the Moroccan women directly, I photographed them mainly using my zoom lens and sometimes simply from the bus. It is surprising what you can get with the camera when it is set to burst mode.

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  1. Very serene with all neutral colors. Nice.

  2. Virginia--thanks so much for your comment! It was interesting in Morocco that the buildings on the eastern side of the Atlas Mountains, the desert area, were painted with color. According to our guide, painting them white would be just too bright for the eyes, so everything was this soft pink-taupe color.

  3. I love this painting. The composition is striking, the geometry of the buildings against the fluid form of the woman. Just lovely.