Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Mt. Rainier from Spray Park

Mt. Rainier from Spray Park, 6.5 x 8.75 In, Oil on Museum Board, 2000

I painted this 20 years ago, in August 2000, when Patrick and I hiked up to Spray Park from Mowich Lake on the northwest side of Mt. Rainier. Knowing that we hadn't gone up to Spray Park in a few years (didn't remember that it was 20), we decided to go up yesterday. I didn't paint--it was enough for us to get up there with our cranky knees and in any case, the bug repellent didn't work at all. I am ever taken with hiking on the Mountain, through the deep forests, the screes along the trail, the alpine meadows, seeing the massive glaciers, the beauty and the danger, and looking up at that vast summit, remembering that years ago I climbed twice to the top--and as a kid backpacked with a group of friends the 90 mile Wonderland Trail around the mountain, a trail that doesn't just go around but goes down into the valleys to cross the glacier fed rivers and then up the ridges to the alpine lakes with the bears and the marmots, up and down all the way around. There were many others on the trail to Spray Park yesterday, many parent/son or daughter duos. I am heartened that we are sharing the love of the mountains and the beauty and lessons of Mt. Rainier during these times.


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