Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Woman in Blue

"Woman in Blue", 14 x 11 In, Oil on Museum Board

I've gotten very behind in my postings. When I'm reorganizing my life its difficult to think about blogspot and facebook until I get it all sorted out. Often in the winter I like to focus on portraits. They are a wonderful challenge. Progress in painting, like many other things, means striving towards the new and unfamiliar and slapping those habits away--habits of vision, of color, of thinking I know what I am doing and most importantly, habits of the hand and the brush. Our lives are built around habit and vigilance is necessary for such a beguiling adversary.


  1. I always look for the problems I have to see how other artists do it. The muzzle of the mouth and nose appear to be my difficult habits for ME to break so I really admire the way you did this one.

  2. Thank you Julie--I'm always happy to hear from you!