Friday, April 17, 2015

Nisqually Barns

"Nisqually Barns", 9 x 9 In, Oil on Museum Board

This was painted out on the Nisqually Delta with my friends from Plein Air Washington. The barns are an historic remnant of the old dairy farm that used to be here when the Delta was diked.

From "The Nisqually Delta represents the largest tidal marsh restoration project in the Pacific Northwest to assist in recovery of Puget Sound salmon and wildlife populations. Over the past decade, the Refuge and close partners, including the Tribe and Ducks Unlimited, have restored more than 35 km of the historic tidal slough systems and re-connected historic floodplains to Puget Sound, increasing potential salt marsh habitat in the southern reach of Puget Sound by 50%."

Purchase this unframed painting.
Contact me if you would like to purchase a plein air frame.

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