Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Yellow Dress

"Yellow Dress", 12 x 10 In, Oil on Museum Board

My experiment with a limited palette is over, at least for now. A limited palette is good for a value painting and its interesting to see how far one can go with it. But I'm not sure I want or need to return to the days when all the wonderful colors we have today were not available. This painting uses a full range of color and it was so much more enjoyable to paint and its much more in the direction I want to go.


  1. We are working with two limited palettes at the Guild for three months.
    The first one is Ned Jacob's palette. Cad yel light- orange- aliz perm- ultra bl- black. Tit white.
    The other one replaces the blue with Thalo blue and aliz with Magenta- but the rest stays the same.
    Fun to see the different charts and when to use them. For example if you are at the ocean you would want the Thalo and magenta.
    It really does help the less experienced artist learn about color harmony.
    Myself I love the convenience of certain colors right out of the tube. I think of Ovanis and his four yellows, four reds etc... Great stuff comes out of his full palette!
    This one of yours has such lovely skin tones - BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Hi Julie--I enjoyed seeing your most recent painting using the limited palette--you did find beautiful, harmonious colors! It is interesting working with skin tones and light--my new adventure!