Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Grand Canyon Sketch 6 - SOLD

"Grand Canyon Sketch 6", 9 x 9 In, Oil on Museum Board
This was the last painting I did on the trip, as the sun was going down behind the walls of the canyon and most everybody was partying down by the river. I wanted to do this last painting but I also wanted to hang out with the group, so this was a quick painting--maybe 30 minutes. Its hard to describe what its like being in the canyon on the river--it is a world apart. One of my favorite things is that because the canyon is in an uplift zone, the rock in the Inner Gorge is vischu schist. Here is a photo I found on the web of the vishnu schist. I've got some of my own photos--just haven't managed to go through them yet.

Here's a close up photo of the schist with pink granite.


  1. Beautiful colors and I enjoyed seeing the vishnu schist. Studded with garnets? Did they gleam? I loved the photo and it like an old biblical tribe of people to me. My imagination loves that type of imagery.

  2. Julie--I always appreciate your comments! The schist is often marbled with pink granite.