Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Grand Canyon - Sketch - NFS

"Grand Canyon - Sketch", 10 x 12 In, Oil on Museum Board
For some reason I've always liked the abstract quality of this sketch, done on site during my first artist trip down the Grand Canyon back in 2005. This is a once in a life-time trip and I've been twice and planning for a third with a group of artists. There is nothing like it--to travel down the river from Lee's Ferry as the uplift of the Canyon walls are at their maximum in the Inner Gorge and you are traveling through the Vishnu Schist, formed 1.75 billion to 1.73 billion years ago.



  1. Beautiful! Your colors are gorgeous and I like your confident brush strokes.

  2. Fantastic painting! My wife and I lived in AZ for three years, but moved back home. We miss it!

    WHile we never made it to Lee's Ferry, I know it would be a wonderful adventure full of incredible vistas and scenes just waiting to be captured on canvas!