Sunday, December 2, 2012

Yellow Rose - SOLD

"Yellow Rose", 9 x 9 In, Oil on Canvas Board
This painting goes one step further on my road to abstraction. Its funny how easy it is to revert to the known. To take the leap towards something different--that's not so easy for me.


  1. I really love this Kathryn. You are so good with color and surface texture, it seems like a logical step for you. Inspiring!

  2. There are probably many ways to get at abstraction, some of them very easy, but I think that you must be searching for something specific and personal. This painting has qualities so forceful and deliberate. The flower's layers, the subtleties of color in brushstrokes arranged so structurally, the whole pictures feels solid and bold.

  3. Thank you Bruce and Aletha! I feel like I am just getting started--

  4. Hi there Kathryn!

    I stumbled across your blog while looking for some highlighted clouds on google images. I'm a fellow painter from just outside Buffalo, NY.

    Your work reminds me much of the abstracts of Ovanes Berberian and I just think they are wonderful! Your coloration and abstract shapes on this floral here is just gorgeous!

    I'll probably come back and spend a litle more time checking out your works! They are impressive...brushy, colorful, abstract and quite wonderful!

    God bless!