Thursday, November 15, 2012

Two Apples

"Two Apples", 10 x 8 In, Oil on Museum Board
I'm back to studio painting. Because of other concerns right now, my time in the studio has been sporadic and of a different nature than in the past. Its a time of transition for me, yet unclear as to where the transition will lead. The good thing about painting is that sometimes its OK to go with the unknowing.

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  1. I love the lighting in this one.
    Sounds like you have a positive attitude about the transition.
    That is good. I sometimes am full of resistance to change and I know I shouldn't be.
    Sending good vibes your way. Just keep painting.

  2. Very nice! I especially love that background!

  3. Thank you all! Yes--just keep painting. I'm trying to feel it and not be so much in my head about it.