Saturday, April 23, 2011

On the Road

"On the Road", 12 x 10 In, Oil on Panel
For the last two weeks I have been on a non-painting trip with my husband in Morocco. The thing I was probably most fascinated with was the dress of the Arab and Berber women. Almost all, even in the large cities, wear a cloak with a head scarf, the hijab. They are almost all unique fabrics with harmonious colors. To see groups of women walking down the road is an aesthetic experience and one very foreign to the westerner's way of thinking. It is not easy to take pictures (very rude), so I often took them from our bus. Many men also wear the cloak, but with the women, it is more universal. In Marrakesh and other towns we did see some younger women wearing pants but still with the hijab. Not many wore straight western clothing without a head cover.

I want to thank everyone who commented on my paintings while I was gone--you must have wondered why I didn't get back to you! I do appreciate all your comments!

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  1. So glad to hear to hear that the trip went well. Can't wait to see all of your post trip paintings. I lived for 3 years in the mid-east in the 70's. I know exactly what you mean about the dress! it is definately fascinating to see!

  2. This is beautiful Kathryn! So glad you had a good trip and are back safely.

  3. Quite beautiful. I'm sure you are full of inspiration now!

  4. The background colors are so beautiful and the figure seems to have such an air of mystery--well done.