Saturday, January 23, 2010

Study with Green

1/23/10 "Study with Green", Oil, 12" x 8"
This painting had a surprise ending, since I had put the still life on a yellowish table.  That just didn't work and in the end, I changed the color of the table so it would be more harmonious. Its not perfect, but it works better.  One of my teachers said that if you can paint a still life in natural light, you can paint anything.  Winter is the perfect time to work on still lifes under the skylight.  I welcome your comments on any of the paintings.


  1. I'm really enjoying looking at your paintings, especially the juicy brush strokes. I can never seem to get enough confidence to use that much paint in a stroke, but I just love it. Love your colors.

  2. Hi Patty--thanks for reminding me what I want to work on! Brushwork is so much a matter of habit and its not easy to change habits. But the part I'm going to work on today is having enough paint in the mixing area of my palette to actually load my brush and to not be afraid to bring strands of color into that mixing area--that is how beautiful grays are created. This will be my goal for today, and I'll see how it get along with it!