Friday, April 15, 2011

Three Apples

"Three Apples", 10 x 10 In, Oil on Museum Board
It is interesting to me that at the end of a painting like this, my palette itself is far more organized by color and variation of color than it is when using a brush. Its so easy to smush paint with a brush whereas with the knife, I have to really focus on the value and temperature of the paint.

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  1. Another beautiful painting, Kathryn. What I find interesting are the small details, like the small strokes of color in the bowl of the spoon and on the rim of the plate. How'd you do that with a palette knife?

  2. Thank you Virginia! I use Connoisseur palette knives and it was either a #24 or a #32, both of which have a narrow tip. I'm not an expert with the palette knife--still experimenting, but I sometimes use the tip, the edge or the flat part of the knife to make different types of strokes.

  3. I've been thinking about your observation on the palette organization. I love your knife paintings, You are inspiring me to try it!

  4. Beautiful subtleties of color here! This piece has such a warm glow!