Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fall Idaho

"Fall Idaho", 16 x 20 In, Oil on Panel
This painting is a reach back to last fall when I went to Idaho to take a workshop with Ovanes Berberian. This was done out in the field and it is just one I never posted before.

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  1. I don't use the word stunning that often and save it for special pieces that really make me catch my breath. This is pure beauty! I just love the greens in the trees. The far off purples and blues are the most gorgeous. Best spot- reflections in the lake. sigh;)
    I am plein air painting at least 2-3 times this week and cannot wait.

  2. Your color palette is striking. I admire your loose, expressive brushwork, and the feeling of distance you have created here . . . topped off with a beautiful, painterly sky!

  3. A lovely landscape Katheryn....feels very peaceful.

  4. Well I'm glad you DID post it. Serene, and beautifully painted, it brings the viewer right to that particular spot....