Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Meg - NFS


"Meg", 14 x 11 In, Oil on Panel

As an artist, I always thought that I would just keep getting better and better as the years went on. But sometimes I look back, as in this portrait of my daughter done in 2007, and wonder how the heck did I do that--what was my state of mind, who had I been studying with and what have I forgotten. I always thought it would be in my hands and and a part of myself that is not intellectual, but now I'm realizing that some things can be forgotten, even if I have moved onward in other ways. Its an interesting testimony to what life is sometimes about.


  1. I know what you mean, Kathryn, about "thinking" it would be natural thru the years to get better and better. Now I know it is the "ratio" of good ones which change as time goes by. This portrait is superb in having captured a special quality of both paint and emotion/posture.

  2. Thank you Julie--do you think the ratio gets bigger or smaller? I know I am more confident about putting the paint down, but sometimes I wonder about the rest of it!