Sunday, March 17, 2013

Roses In Cup - SOLD

"Roses In Cup", 9 x 9 In, Oil on Museum Board
I'm not sure where I am going, but this little painting is on the path.

Purchase this unframed painting.
Contact me if you would like to purchase a plein air frame.


  1. I think you are headed in the right direction. This is beautifully painted.

  2. Good morning Katheryn, not sure where you're going either but the painting is beautiful. Rich color and it takes your eye from top to bottom. Well done I say.

  3. Yeah - you are painting! What a great shot in the arm that is for me.
    Fresh- vibrant - gorgeous color, this is everything painting should be. Glad you feel it is on the right track.

  4. I think this is lovely, I really like your bold approach and lack of "fussiness".

  5. Really beautiful. Your use of darks to enhance the lights is gorgeous. Love this!

  6. Thank you all--I very much appreciate your comments!