Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bridge at Angoin

"Bridge at Angoin", 12 x 16 In, Oil on Museum Board
This is the second painting I did on the cloudy/rainy day in Angoin using mainly transparent washes to start and not going far beyond that. It is unusual for me to paint so deliberately though it probably doesn't look particularly deliberate!

Purchase this unframed painting.
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  1. So glad to see you post these two pieces from Angion. Keeps it fresh for me. Back to teaching here, and started a new painting today from a photo. I will work from a lot of my photos from the trip.
    I'm so glad we shared this experience, Kathryn. Hope we do it again soon.
    Love the paintings.....!

  2. Nice balance between thick and thin paint....I like the painting.

  3. Thank you Randy and Darrell! Randy--can't wait to come down to CA!