Monday, March 19, 2012

Meg - NFS

"Meg", 9 x 7 In, Oil on Museum Board
This is a quick sketch, the kind I really like to do. Just do it and be done. I realized something this morning. When I go away on vacation and I post ahead, I can post any old thing. But when I am here, I stress about each painting--whether it is good enough to post. It is as though when I am on vacation, I'm not around to take the heat. Very strange, since it is all on the internet. Do any of you other painters encounter these baffling quirks of the mind?


  1. I love the painting. Your simple brushstrokes taking the form into full volume and the passages of beautiful color make it hard to believe you stress about it.
    I understand completely about the difference in my attitude when I can post ahead. Whats done is done, kind of thing.
    I am learning to try and let go of the picky stuff... but I still want to grab a brush and make the changes I see are needed. It is not as much being on the Internet but being in the space where the tools are available to make the change.
    Most artists do it I think.

  2. Hi Julie--thanks for the response! Its nice to get a dialog going about these things--I appreciate your feedback.