Friday, February 26, 2010

Violet and Yellow - NFS

2/26/10 "Violet and Yellow", 12" x 12", Oil
The problem with posting paintings every day is that I immediately photograph them, and in the computer image, immediately see everything wrong with the painting and decide I have to "fix" it.  When I'm painting outdoors I just put the painting in the box, usually after about an hour, and then I don't look at it, maybe for days.  There's a trade-off here--one way is to just leave the painting alone with the freshness of the original statement.  This is why artists sometimes say it takes two people to create a painting--one to paint it and the other one to tell the first one when to stop.  Two much second-guessing takes all the air out of the process.  The other way is to keep going--to push past the comfort/fear zone and to simply not worry if the painting is "ruined" by being overworked.  Sometimes this "not caring" process puts me into a zone where I paint better--where after hours of doing, scraping and re-doing, the painting is actually a lot better.  This painting, which turned out to be about violets and yellows, I pretty much left alone--I decided to metaphorically put this one "in the box."

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